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I love your work, but I don't like the direction your recent stuff is taking.

The first issue I have with Cream is the content. You have done the Dystopian-TV-Show-Shtick much better in the past. The idea of an all-fixing cream-like substance is so dystopian and horrific in itself, that the whole part from 07:00 on feels like an intellectual fallacy. All philosophical questions are suddenly wiped away by run-off-the-mill corporate critique, as subtle as a rusty nail to the eye. You wouldn't have needed this part to show the dark side of the cream. Actually, the bathing scene already gives quite the strong argument against it - the annihilation of individualism through perfectionism. Sadly, this is hardly the focus of the film - and to be honest, even if it was, it's still a pretty old idea. Your best films live from philosophical discussion on a rather personal and relatable level, with individual characters instead of random people on a news show.

The second issue I have with Cream is the visual aspect. While a similar style felt fresh and unexpected in Sock 5, you have now enhanced it to the point where there's no reason left for the film being an actual animation and not live-action. Perfectionism is normally a good thing, but like every virtue it can turn into a sin. Especially on the internet, an overly polished style can detract from the actual content. The minimal approach of your early shit was so powerful and mighty, but there's nothing left of that here, as it has been, ironically enough, "creamed away".

To make this whole review end on a more positive note, I want to make clear that I admire your work ethic and your attempts to refresh your style. But, as you surely know yourself, a film doesn't necessarily get better with the amount of work put into it or by looking more slick and "professional". You have proven this yourself.

Your animations are constantly getting better. I now feel the need to rewatch the other parts to understand what was going on, haha. Looking forward for more :ยง

I really like this series. It truly sends out the jolly vibes.

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Great style and humour! The riddle with the monster shaped forms was a bit misleading, because the text was in the colour of one of the shapes.

I really look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

This is a truly unique game. It creates an incredible gloomy atmosphere with rather minimalistic game mechanics. The moment I lured the monster to the light beam in the great hall was scary as phug and made great use of camera angles and sound. Some people criticized the walking speed, but I think it fits the main protagonist who is a mysterious entity himself.

10/10 excellent game

pLaw responds:

Wow, thanks! I Really appreciate this :)

The great disappointment with this game is that you can't see the people react to your atrocious meals that will probably kill them. So once I realized I'm only serving invisible folk all motivation was gone.

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Coolio. An excellent video-game loop! Keep up the good work.

wandschrank responds:


Ambient as it should be

The title says it all


This one is really well executed. I love the beginning.

vibe-newgrounds responds:

Me too :D

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somehow reminds me of stupid sexy flanders.

golfinho responds:


I imagine you are in some kind of asylum right now, drawing these for your therapy after you made "the worst". If you reach 100 you're allowed to leave.

Sherbalex responds:


amongst all caricatures concerning the case, this is easily the best I've seen so far. I demand all european newspapers to put it on their cover, else I will bomb their buildings.

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