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Camembert of Sorrow

10/5/12 by exotworking
Updated 10/6/12


As some of you might know, Benedikt (molkman) and I are currently studying animation together.
Sadly, we can't put all of the animations we produce in academia on the internet for copyright reasons.

I already made a 6 minute film, which is a sequel to Hyperborea called "Anaktoron".
And a month ago we both participated in a workshop which resulted in 2 animations about Red Riding Hood.

You can watch Benedikt's film here, it's already on Newgrounds:

This is my version:

Now I'm going to eat a tasty Camembert for lunch. Mmm!

Camembert of Sorrow


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Sehr interessant.



There's no such thing as Camembert of Sorrow. It's always made of Joy-