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Anselm Pyta @exotworking

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New office space looks amazing, I'm sure you'll create great games there!
(Video isn't displaying, not surprised, I still have trouble using the new news editor and newfangled embeds)

Hi VicariousE, kind of expected you to comment ;)

Here's an alternative link to the video: https://www.facebook.com/studioseufz/videos/1774747819266428/

I really like our office so far. We are at the back of a much greater and older animation studio, so that's a bonus too.

very nice.

office > bedroom "office"

No doubt about that. It's probably cool to work from a nice house in the countryside though.

It's awesome to see you guys making a return and I'm sure this stuff will be just as awesome as it was years ago!


I am really happy to hear that you guys are starting a new game! You games always have these silly humor game with this amazing style I wish you guys the all success in your next projects.

The Longing will be a bit more serious than previous games, but yeah, we always try to not take ourselves 100% serious, even when we're dealing with doom and gloom.

You guys ?? Together doing stuff ????
I'm so HAPPY to hear this is giong to be a thing, and i'd be so PLEASED to watch you succeed because you WILL and if you DON'T well then i don't know people are weird sometimes they do strange things but GOD i'll be waiting for these games and animations. They all sound and look super great !
The Longing is going to be quite an experience, i'm impatient to see where it will land among the likes of Mountain and Rinse and Repeat ! And I oh so loved the atmosphere of the comics In The Nudes and would oh so much love to watch the short !! And Fields of Rape... lord i don't know it yet but i can already feel it's going to break my heart into tiny pieces.

Good luck everyone !!!

Thanks for the positivity, Obigre! Hopefully this year will see a lot of Studio Seufz releases...

good to see that
i never understood how making games can pay an office for
indie games but its awesome that you can do that
good luck and have fun

plot twist: it doesn't. Sadly we still need to make commissioned works on the side. The dream of doing just indie games can only be achieved by a breakthrough hit or through acquisition of publishers/state funds.

I glad to see that you're ready for new step in your career.
Dude, you're my inspiration. Your "Lucky Tower" series makes me feel that everyone can be artist. Overmore, my first moovie I made was about "Tower" not about greed.
So time passed and I'm here, more expirienced and have a great habbit. Thanks to you pal!
BTW, It will be a great pleasure for me if you will check thing which is actually inspired by your art:
It is very old stuff, first thing that i EVER made in Flash so do not pay attention to the style, now I draw much better.

Cool, I can definitely see the influence ;)
Actually a nice idea for LT3 to drop something out of the window and later see the effects on the environment after escaping.

2 things
for 1st game the music is FUCKING AWESOME
and the mysterious pic reminds me of a possible lucky tower Co-o
or you could do a design your own lucky tower game (of course level editor included)

Wowie, looking forward to Lucky Tower 3!

I hope you are equipped with a heavy telescope.