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exotworking's News

Posted by exotworking - December 14th, 2020

One of the main issues with Virtual Reality is movement. As long as you can't afford a treadmill, walking around in a VR environment is either nauseating (using a controller) or immersion breaking (teleporting around).

Luckily, an Italian has once again made an invention to combat these problems. In Maestro Pivetta's game VR Pigeons, you move around by forcefully bobbing your head back and forth, imitating the behavior of a pigeon. We at Studio Seufz were instantly convinced by this game changing technology, so we produced the game and now it's finally out on the Oculus Go.

If you still own this ancient device, give it a shot! Studio Seufz is not liable for any chronic-neck-pains induced by the game.

Oculus Go page


Join our discord community!




Posted by exotworking - November 13th, 2020

My diploma film from 2016 is finally released online today. It's is a 10 minute film that I made as a pilot for an ultra-sad animated series. Will it ever get made? Well, I don't know. It will certainly take some time... Enjoy this episode for now!

There's also a trailer for the series here:



Posted by exotworking - October 27th, 2020

Did you know the OG Lucky Tower was released yesterday, 10 years ago on here?

And yes, I forgot to post this to the front page yesterday.


Fun fact: The game was originally conceived as a "power-of-three" entry. Raise your hand if you still remember this contest! It ended up being an entry for the 2010 Halloween contest though, where it won the silver medal.




Posted by exotworking - March 13th, 2020

After many years, my first proper Steam release has happened!


THE LONGING is a weird mix of adventure- and idle game, where you play a lonely shadow creature that has to awaken its king...after 400 days. It's nominated for an IGF award and has already sold over 15,000 copies on Steam, which is more than I ever expected.

I'm glad the game is finally out, for it feels like it took an eternity to make. But after all, it's a game about waiting, loneliness and patience, so it was a good fit.

Now I'm back in the world of the living and will start to work on new projects. The pilot for my ultra-sad web series FIELDS OF RAPE will be released this year... the last entry in my "depression era" for now.



Posted by exotworking - January 13th, 2020

It seems like I will be coming to the U.S. of A. for the first time ever this Spring!

Surprisingly, my upcoming idle-adventure THE LONGING is nominated for the "Nuovo" (innovation) Award at the Independent Games Festival in San Francisco.

The game has been at the center of my life for a couple of years now, and I'm glad it's getting some attention. It has been the longest project I ever worked on and that's quite ironic, considering the game is about a very long, 400 day wait.

You can watch a brand new trailer here:

Consider wishlisting it on STEAM, if you like the game:






Posted by exotworking - March 7th, 2019

...in real-time!

Hi folks,

I just released the trailer for my upcoming game :THE LONGING:

It's a mix between idle and adventure game and will come to STEAM.

Check it out:

The game is taking an eternity to make, but I'm very satisfied so far. What do you guys think? :3



Posted by exotworking - February 8th, 2018

Hi friends,

it's been a long time since I posted here, but a lot has happened in the past few years!

Together with Benedikt aka molkman and a few other highly competent inividuals, we founded our first proper animation/games studio, mysteriously named STUDIO SEUFZ.


As some might remember, molkman and I have been working together since 2004 on such smash-hits as Lucky Tower, Lucky Tower 2 or MURDER. Since we finished our diplomas last year, we have started to tackle the animation and games scene once again.

We received funding for my long-time passion project :THE LONGING: which will be released near the end of 2018.

We are also thinking of finally getting our act together and acquiring funds for the elephant in the room that is Lucky Tower 3...


Here's the hot and fresh Teaser for :THE LONGING:

 And here's one mysterious picture of concept art:





Posted by exotworking - March 12th, 2015

Hi there NG,

my latest film is part of the Viewster Film Festvial, which is apparently the largest online festival on earth (well, there aren't that many I guess). The great thing is, that they have tons of money that they are eager to burn. The grand prize is circa 50 000 $ which would come in handy for a new pair of shoes.

If you like my stuff, or hate everyone else, you probably want to help me out by voting for my film "40 Thoughts" here:


[EDIT: The festival is over, so this link won't work anymore]

I'm very thankful for everyone who does vote and I consider him/her an overall cool person. I'm currently ranked #20 out of 142, but only the first 10 will have a chance of winning something. So yeah, every vote helps a lot.


Needless to say, the film will come to Newgrounds soon(ish) as well!


In other news, I'm currently working on a game called "The Longing", where you spend 400 days in a cave.

Here is a sneak peek:


So long...



Posted by exotworking - November 13th, 2014

Believe it or not, but molkman and myself are celebrating 10 YEARS of exotworking.com (*yay*)!

We started out in 2004 by making rather crappy animations and "games" (with flash buttons).

Most of the stuff we did back then isn't even on Newgrounds btw so you might have missed all the phun. If you're interested, you can play our very first "games" here. They are all rather unforgiving and bloodthirsty. And ugly.

Just click on the pics! All the games are from 2004/2005.


Luckily, the days of prepubescent love for violence have faded in favour of more complex themes and thoughts.

This is our new game, it's called "MURDER".



Posted by exotworking - August 13th, 2014

Hello there NG,


I just submitted my film "Quintessence" to the portal! The film was made in 2013, but my university

wouldn't allow me to submit it (until now). 


There is lots of stuff I'd like to submit as well, but those regularies can truly be a bummer.

All I can give you right now is this sad picture (again).