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exotworking's News

Posted by exotworking - February 13th, 2023

Hello folks,

I've recently partnered up with Canadian company Makeship. They start plushie campaigns and were asking me if I'd be interested to have a plushie of my "Shade" character from THE LONGING.

Turns out the campaign was a success and it's already funded with over 400%!

If you're interested, check out the plushie here:


The campaign only runs for 10 more days, so you have to be fast if you want to order.

So far, the collaboration with Makeship has been pretty good and straight-forward. We'll see how it goes from here, but if you're creator interested in having your own plush merch, I can recommend getting in touch with them :)




Posted by exotworking - November 28th, 2021

Hi folks!

Lucky Tower 2 was released to the web on this day in 2012, exactly 9 years ago (a bit earlier on Armorgames than on Newgrounds, for sponsorship reasons).

Since we are now developing the third part Lucky Tower Ultimate, we will have a little Streaming event on our Studio Seufz twitch channel.


Benedikt (molkman), EJ (Dragamex) and I will play the game, comment on the horrible game design decisions we made and discuss the Lucky Tower lore. It's a nostalgia trip to a time when Flash was still a thing and we were young and naive at heart...

It starts today at 10am Central / 5pm Berlin Time. Join in and you can ask us questions! We will also do some game giveaways.

All the best,




Posted by exotworking - August 30th, 2021

Hi folks,

As you might know by now, we are currently working on a new Lucky Tower game! To sow confusion, we decided to call it Lucky Tower Ultimate instead of Lucky Tower 3, because it's now a full-fledged release instead of a flash game.


What's the new game all about? Well, you can actually play a demo right now on Steam:


To sum it up, the game takes the setting and humor of the first game and adds procedural generation to the mix, so it feels fresh every time you play anew. In the demo the content is rather limited, but the final game will be worked on in the coming years.

We also like to hear feedback from players, so we decided to make a Lucky Tower discord server. The whole Studio Seufz team is hanging out there, so drop by and say hi!





Posted by exotworking - August 13th, 2021

Hey folks,

the rumors are true: We are working on a new Lucky Tower game!

First teased here on Newgrounds back in 2012, we finally have the time and the resources to make what we believe will be the ultimate Lucky Tower experience.

A playable prototype will be available soon on Steam from August 23rd 'til the end of September.


You can watch the brand new reveal trailer below:

Slashy slashy!



Posted by exotworking - April 28th, 2021

Finally, my latest game THE LONGING is released on the Nintendo Switch! It's the first time that any of my games appears on a console, so that's quite a milestone for myself and our small studio. The game was already released on Steam last year.

On top of that, the game got featured by Nintendo in their official Indie World Showcase. You can watch the video below, my part starts around the 9 minute mark. It's some weird footage of me talking in German and then some jolly announcers talking about the game.

As Tom Fulp pointed out in his latest news post, it's amazing how many people who started out here on Newgrounds are now making full fledged games that garner world wide attention. I'm extremely lucky to be one of them.

Thank you Tom for making the site and supporting me by front paging my games on here over the last decade! By giving me a platform and an audience so early in my life, I got the motivation and the feedback to improve my game dev skills. That's why I will never stop to support NG <3


Posted by exotworking - December 14th, 2020

One of the main issues with Virtual Reality is movement. As long as you can't afford a treadmill, walking around in a VR environment is either nauseating (using a controller) or immersion breaking (teleporting around).

Luckily, an Italian has once again made an invention to combat these problems. In Maestro Pivetta's game VR Pigeons, you move around by forcefully bobbing your head back and forth, imitating the behavior of a pigeon. We at Studio Seufz were instantly convinced by this game changing technology, so we produced the game and now it's finally out on the Oculus Go.

If you still own this ancient device, give it a shot! Studio Seufz is not liable for any chronic-neck-pains induced by the game.

Oculus Go page


Join our discord community!




Posted by exotworking - November 13th, 2020

My diploma film from 2016 is finally released online today. It's is a 10 minute film that I made as a pilot for an ultra-sad animated series. Will it ever get made? Well, I don't know. It will certainly take some time... Enjoy this episode for now!

There's also a trailer for the series here:



Posted by exotworking - October 27th, 2020

Did you know the OG Lucky Tower was released yesterday, 10 years ago on here?

And yes, I forgot to post this to the front page yesterday.


Fun fact: The game was originally conceived as a "power-of-three" entry. Raise your hand if you still remember this contest! It ended up being an entry for the 2010 Halloween contest though, where it won the silver medal.




Posted by exotworking - March 13th, 2020

After many years, my first proper Steam release has happened!


THE LONGING is a weird mix of adventure- and idle game, where you play a lonely shadow creature that has to awaken its king...after 400 days. It's nominated for an IGF award and has already sold over 15,000 copies on Steam, which is more than I ever expected.

I'm glad the game is finally out, for it feels like it took an eternity to make. But after all, it's a game about waiting, loneliness and patience, so it was a good fit.

Now I'm back in the world of the living and will start to work on new projects. The pilot for my ultra-sad web series FIELDS OF RAPE will be released this year... the last entry in my "depression era" for now.



Posted by exotworking - January 13th, 2020

It seems like I will be coming to the U.S. of A. for the first time ever this Spring!

Surprisingly, my upcoming idle-adventure THE LONGING is nominated for the "Nuovo" (innovation) Award at the Independent Games Festival in San Francisco.

The game has been at the center of my life for a couple of years now, and I'm glad it's getting some attention. It has been the longest project I ever worked on and that's quite ironic, considering the game is about a very long, 400 day wait.

You can watch a brand new trailer here:

Consider wishlisting it on STEAM, if you like the game: