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Playing games for the plot is like watching porn for the dialogue.
And this game of yours is as grating as porn dialogue...i quit after choosing a door and dying.

Well, I´m certainly not a typical gamer. Thanks for playing anyway.

Good game. Completed it.

However, this is NOT story-based. It doesn't have a story, nor a plot.... Unless your plot is "open random doors endlessly and face alienating random deaths". If so, then Tower Defence games also have a story.

Your game as a "context" but no "story". See the difference there? A story unfolds and significant events are happening.

The context provides a story. As I said, it´s not like Lucky Tower is very sophisticated. But it has a constant flow and progression plus a solution in the end, all connected to the main character. And of course, tower defense games can have a story too. It´s a great way to keep you playing and feel connected to the game in a way which is beyond highscores.

Those sure are some provoking assumptions, bro!

I liked your game but there's definitely not a story to it.

But you have to admit that the game is rather centered around the character and his manly ways than around gameplay. I miss guys like him in games.

I love a story in a game just like you, and in fact i was thinking about makin a game that has like a single action all the way through, but tells a really good story.
I think that the perfect game is the one where there actually is a challenging (but not excesively difficult) gameplay that uses de story development as a reward, advancing through the story just as one makes progress in the game. I don't know if you get me, i'm not really good at expressing myself haha. Games like StarCraft, Resident Evil 4 or Half-Life manage this gameplay-plot balance, and they're like my favourite games of all time.

Half-Life is surely one of the best games ever.

That game was awful. There was no challenge to it, it wasn't very funny, and it didn't have a good ending.

On the other hand, now that I look at your games, I realize that there is a method to your ways. People who get frustrated with games often vote a lot lower than they should. By making your game simple and bland, you cut out these angry voters. The game still sucks.

I did play the game to the end, but I regret it. I kept hoping for things to develop, but they never did.

Frustration is not something worth to achieve, except you want to make a game so difficult that only a bunch of people get to the end. My previous game Mashhouse was that way, I think only very few people actually beat it. But after such an "elitist" game I was up for something different.

Three words: Super Meat Boy

Read any review about it.

I´m not too fond of Bluebaby´s games. They always are very professional and have cool aesthetics, but they miss all the stuff I´m looking for.

lucky Tower is very fun, just need to know about the plot.
For the rest I have nothing to say.

Man, what a bunch of dicks.

I thought it was a great game!!!

I can't find something perfect. Good storyline for games way of thinking you got there. Bad loser that can't beat a game.