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I'm part of Nintendo's Indie World Showcase

Posted by exotworking - April 28th, 2021

Finally, my latest game THE LONGING is released on the Nintendo Switch! It's the first time that any of my games appears on a console, so that's quite a milestone for myself and our small studio. The game was already released on Steam last year.

On top of that, the game got featured by Nintendo in their official Indie World Showcase. You can watch the video below, my part starts around the 9 minute mark. It's some weird footage of me talking in German and then some jolly announcers talking about the game.

As Tom Fulp pointed out in his latest news post, it's amazing how many people who started out here on Newgrounds are now making full fledged games that garner world wide attention. I'm extremely lucky to be one of them.

Thank you Tom for making the site and supporting me by front paging my games on here over the last decade! By giving me a platform and an audience so early in my life, I got the motivation and the feedback to improve my game dev skills. That's why I will never stop to support NG <3



Congrats on the showcase and release on Switch!! The skill of NG devs and its community power is actually amazing. I've only been about 2 years making games but lots of people here support me and give me nice feedback since my first game. I really hope the site stays this great forever!

yes, Newgrounds reviews are of better quality than on most other sites

Congratulations! I thought this was your game. The art style was so distinct, it reminded me of Lucky Towers. It's cool to see one of my inspirations of my game dev career still going at it after all of these years

Thx! It's nice to hear that people still remember Lucky Tower :)

It's truly is interesting where you end up when you follow your nose. Kudos!

that's funny, because my old NG nickname actually was "the nose"

@Salmon-Tea @exotworking of course! That game was practically a part of my childhood. Still play it to this day

that's great to hear. A final part of the series will hopefully see the light of day this decade.

Congratulations! People like you making this place better!

thx man :)

You deserve it. The Longing was a blast (in slo-mo) to play and all the other stuff of you belongs to the top content here on Newgrounds. Congratulations!

glad you liked the game :3

Ah man that's awesome, congrats! I still remember being blown away by Morbus all those years back. It's really cool to see how far you've come.

I still want to do a cool, big 2D rpg in the vein of Morbus one day... minus all the bugs.

Was great seeing you in the video and The Longing looks super atmospheric!

I was also surprised to see There Is No Game directly following The Longing - the original version of that was made for our Construct Deception Jam in 2015!


Thanks Tom :]

Yeah, I remember playing it here on NG back then! Another one of those many Newgrounds classics that made it big.

Congrats my dude.


oh yo dude! congrats~ Seen yer game about, awesome job getting on the switch!