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More games with storylines!

Posted by exotworking - October 26th, 2010

I love games with characters the player cares for and a storyline (or at least a plot) that keeps you playing because you want to know how things evolve. That seems to be missing these days, so I decided to make a more story-based game together with molkman and dragamex.

Lucky Tower.

Of course the storytelling of Lucky Tower is not very sophisticated, but you should get the point when playing the game. The game is not very challenging - the player should rather continue with the story than dismiss the game because of it´s difficulty.
Games shouldn´t be all about challenge.
I recently played "Fahrenheit" and "Vampires: Redemption" and I hated the way those games made up crude challenges instead of providing a constant flow of the storyline. I actually cheated all the way through "Vampires" to experience the story and the aesthetics of the game, instead of really "playing" it. In fact, I mostly use cheats in games to overcome the challenge of playing and to enjoy other aspects of the game instead.
Now I´m going to focus on flash movies for a while, below you can see a screenshot of my upcoming movie "Hyperborea" which is going to be over 6 minutes long.

And don´t forget to play LUCKY TOWER!

More games with storylines!


Playing games for the plot is like watching porn for the dialogue.
And this game of yours is as grating as porn dialogue...i quit after choosing a door and dying.

Well, I´m certainly not a typical gamer. Thanks for playing anyway.

Good game. Completed it.

However, this is NOT story-based. It doesn't have a story, nor a plot.... Unless your plot is "open random doors endlessly and face alienating random deaths". If so, then Tower Defence games also have a story.

Your game as a "context" but no "story". See the difference there? A story unfolds and significant events are happening.

The context provides a story. As I said, it´s not like Lucky Tower is very sophisticated. But it has a constant flow and progression plus a solution in the end, all connected to the main character. And of course, tower defense games can have a story too. It´s a great way to keep you playing and feel connected to the game in a way which is beyond highscores.

Those sure are some provoking assumptions, bro!

I liked your game but there's definitely not a story to it.

But you have to admit that the game is rather centered around the character and his manly ways than around gameplay. I miss guys like him in games.

I love a story in a game just like you, and in fact i was thinking about makin a game that has like a single action all the way through, but tells a really good story.
I think that the perfect game is the one where there actually is a challenging (but not excesively difficult) gameplay that uses de story development as a reward, advancing through the story just as one makes progress in the game. I don't know if you get me, i'm not really good at expressing myself haha. Games like StarCraft, Resident Evil 4 or Half-Life manage this gameplay-plot balance, and they're like my favourite games of all time.

Half-Life is surely one of the best games ever.

That game was awful. There was no challenge to it, it wasn't very funny, and it didn't have a good ending.

On the other hand, now that I look at your games, I realize that there is a method to your ways. People who get frustrated with games often vote a lot lower than they should. By making your game simple and bland, you cut out these angry voters. The game still sucks.

I did play the game to the end, but I regret it. I kept hoping for things to develop, but they never did.

Frustration is not something worth to achieve, except you want to make a game so difficult that only a bunch of people get to the end. My previous game Mashhouse was that way, I think only very few people actually beat it. But after such an "elitist" game I was up for something different.

Three words: Super Meat Boy

Read any review about it.

I´m not too fond of Bluebaby´s games. They always are very professional and have cool aesthetics, but they miss all the stuff I´m looking for.

lucky Tower is very fun, just need to know about the plot.
For the rest I have nothing to say.

Man, what a bunch of dicks.

I thought it was a great game!!!

I can't find something perfect. Good storyline for games way of thinking you got there. Bad loser that can't beat a game.