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Lucky Tower 3

Posted by exotworking - December 5th, 2012

Hello folks,

this day marks the release of Lucky Tower 2 here on Newgrounds!

You can play it HERE.

For those who have followed the storyline so far, I thought it might be interesting to hear about future plans on the series.
Lucky Tower 2 is actually a prequel to Lucky Tower 1, but as you might know Lucky Tower 1 ends with the hero being naked at the top of the tower.

Sooo... what about we continue the story from here in a possible Lucky Tower 3?

Being naked and without any armor or weapons, the hero won't be able to fight enemies.
Instead, he would need to hide from them or lure them into traps. Also, the tower would have changed from the first part, making it impossible to take the same routes and forcing the hero to find different ways to escape.

What do you think about this idea?

In other news, I'm currently working on a 12-minute animation about death.

Lucky Tower 3


Lucky Tower 3 - See how it ends, December 2018.

Are you kidding? I'd rather fancy April 2081.

i find the game far too laggy even on low since im on a compaq this is what i hate devolpers never think about poor people who found a computer at a thrift store i think

I was kind of a painful surprise for us to hear so many people complaining about lags. Well, we should indeed test our games on slower machines next time!

slashy, slashy

the most lag was when the gu was talking you ahd to wait for his lips to stop moving even thought the clip already played i would beta test but this thing barely works :/

I didn't have any problem with lag, but I'm stuck on the Armore medal. Got any little hints?

Well, just let me tell you that there is absolutely NO secret shop in the game. Seriously, don't even try to find it.

ohbombuh i know where it is but i can't tell you i promised not to but heres a hint its girly and in a shop

Okay, thanks for the tips guys. I should be able to figure it out tomorrow.

The luring concept for LT3 sounds interesting. I'm not sure how you could work much variety into it, but you're obviously more creative than me.

Oh man, the good ending isn't the canon ending, the destiny ending is? Oh darn. If that's the case, if you see my review of your game, please ignore the question where I ask which ending is canon then.

I'd say the hero would eventually get some clothes and weapons from enemies that were killed.

Yeah, probably he would be forced to wear a princess's dress or something like that.

2018 or 2081, as long as it's got the numbers 1 and 8, they're my favourites.

Yeah, why not aim for 8102 then? Sounds feasible to me.

I must admit, the idea that the Hero gathers Weapons, Armor, Shields and Hats from enemies is great! I would like a new category for equipables like Misc and maybe a indication of whether items are equipables, consumables, or sellables. Such simple categorization and identification of item use would have made Lucky Tower 2 much more simple. Finally, different options for game graphics quality and audio would be nice, as I had to manually alter my browser settings to avoid lag in specific spots in Lucky Tower 2... surprisingly a high tech gaming computer and DSL/Cable internet can't always prevent lag. Well, those are my three thoughts. If any one of them is noticed that would make me very VERY happy. Considering theplayer234 mentioned one of the things, he would be very happy if that one was implemented too.

Thanks for the feedback, VinnitoElito. The reason why we didn't want to have a mute botton was simply because we thought that the voice-acting was too important to be "muted away" by the player.

Well it does sound like a great idea but can Von have upgrades and will there be another merchant? GET BACK TO ME ASAP

um dude it been like a year now are you ok?

Ja, but I'm studying animation and therefore I don't have time for huge game projects at the moment. I made two films since the completion of this news post but I can't upload because my school wouldn't allow it :(

It's been 6 years. Where the hell is Luck Tower 3?!

take a look at my latest news post. We are are still very interested in the idea of a Lucky Tower 3, but if we are going to do it, we want to give 100% and do a proper Steam/PC-release, for which we need to acquire funds first. Mind you, Lucky Tower 1 was started when we were still in school...

I was just kidding. But thank you for responding. It's absolutely amazing you guys were still in school whenever you made lucky tower 1. I decided to play Lucky Tower 2 out of pure nostalgia today. I had forgotten how amazing both games were. If you put it on Steam I would 100% play it.

Thanks! I hope all works out for an even greater Part 3.

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December 2018

missed deadlines are our trade mark

Good idea. A great spoof idea from Breath of the Wild, add that!

sadly I never played that game

I love the Lucky Tower series, it would be amazing to play another game

I feel the same! We really want to outdo ourselves with the next one.

Time machine news from 2021:
Lucky Tower 3 is happening and it's going to be called Lucky Tower Ultimate. Check out the Steam page here: