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Time to murder people!

Posted by exotworking - November 13th, 2014

Believe it or not, but molkman and myself are celebrating 10 YEARS of exotworking.com (*yay*)!

We started out in 2004 by making rather crappy animations and "games" (with flash buttons).

Most of the stuff we did back then isn't even on Newgrounds btw so you might have missed all the phun. If you're interested, you can play our very first "games" here. They are all rather unforgiving and bloodthirsty. And ugly.

Just click on the pics! All the games are from 2004/2005.


Luckily, the days of prepubescent love for violence have faded in favour of more complex themes and thoughts.

This is our new game, it's called "MURDER".



Comments (7)

Dude, THX for you both! So many cool games and thing that you made will make your kinfolks and friend proud of you! I hope that in one day we all will see you next imperishable creation cool as Lucky Tower (1 & 2).
Also, nice game!

Hails to Сибирь!

Loved the game!

thanks LiLg! keep up the good stuff :)

10 years is a long run (Tom should give us gold watches or something), but in that time, you've honed your craft into a sharp blade of awesomeness! I wish nothing but the best for you guys, and hope you can make some dough, maybe on portable OS's (smart phones) and game consoles.

yeah, why are we not rich already. shouldn't have bought so many guitar strings from all that crazy ad money.

Apparently, the adult content here limits the better paying advertising companies. Tom bought a new site name for NG's adult content, sooo, once that's outta here, the ad-rev should increase, hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later.

I wonder what that site name will be. Wait...I typed in Nudegrounds and it truly redirects me to NG, haha.

For the life of me, I can't say that's the new site name, actually the nudegrounds address is really old... He told me the name at the start of this year's Pico day party, but I forgot it out of concern for his privacy - it did sound quite apt, at the time...

well, it better be up par with nudegrounds :]

i would love to see a sequel to the game ''MURDER''.
with more medals and more servants/allies/enemies.

it could be called ''MURDER TOO''

Mmm I can't see that happening

I killed an old guy...I feel very accomplished as a human ;D