ACHTUNG! Important News Post

2015-03-12 15:10:49 by exotworking

Hi there NG,

my latest film is part of the Viewster Film Festvial, which is apparently the largest online festival on earth (well, there aren't that many I guess). The great thing is, that they have tons of money that they are eager to burn. The grand prize is circa 50 000 $ which would come in handy for a new pair of shoes.

If you like my stuff, or hate everyone else, you probably want to help me out by voting for my film "40 Thoughts" here:

[EDIT: The festival is over, so this link won't work anymore]

I'm very thankful for everyone who does vote and I consider him/her an overall cool person. I'm currently ranked #20 out of 142, but only the first 10 will have a chance of winning something. So yeah, every vote helps a lot.


Needless to say, the film will come to Newgrounds soon(ish) as well!


In other news, I'm currently working on a game called "The Longing", where you spend 400 days in a cave.

Here is a sneak peek:


So long...




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2015-03-13 06:32:29

Come on, every crap counts, he's down to #25.

Hope it's an awesome game... Seems pointy and clickish.

exotworking responds:

Thanks Phenom9! The game is in fact a sidescroller, which I personally find way more immersive than all this clickish stuff.


2015-03-13 07:06:35

Okay, I will try to support you as I can, but you took 25th place, it will be difficult to rise to 10 positions, but I hope you get lucky! (Already voted as "Borya:-)" )

exotworking responds:

thanks my friend! the competition is hard, but that's the way it should be.


2015-03-13 12:46:42


(Updated ) exotworking responds:



2015-03-14 00:04:35

I voted! I liked the designs a lot! I also shared on facebook! :D

exotworking responds:

kool! bff


2015-03-14 00:28:06


exotworking responds:

Too kind!


2015-03-18 16:12:19


exotworking responds:

yeah, that was my whole point


2015-03-19 14:07:31

humpty dumpty is so cute yet so sad.
I hope you win.
I am also very curious about your new game.

(Updated ) exotworking responds:

thanks Strawberryman. Seems like I'll only be the winner of hearts this time though.


2015-03-20 17:50:20



2015-04-07 04:00:47

Well, we tryed and we failed. You have got 62% of hotscore but this is not enough. I'am disagree with first place. Anyway, you shown your skills and you have shown yourself worthy!

exotworking responds:

thanks pecheneg!


2015-04-10 02:58:09

This will most defiantly seem like a game i'd wanna check out I wonder if there will be any cameo appearances like that Old and Wise guy from LC or the Jester.
Oh and did you win the video competition?

exotworking responds:

I only did win love this time. There is basically only one character in the whole game so cameos will be hard to place...


2015-04-17 17:03:52



2015-05-28 13:09:51

Wow! I can't wait for that spelunkerisch game of yours! It's sad that you lost the competition... :( So no new shoes this time...

exotworking responds:

I finished all the graphics and right now the game is being programmed in Unity. Still might take a few months...