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This is a truly unique game. It creates an incredible gloomy atmosphere with rather minimalistic game mechanics. The moment I lured the monster to the light beam in the great hall was scary as phug and made great use of camera angles and sound. Some people criticized the walking speed, but I think it fits the main protagonist who is a mysterious entity himself.

10/10 excellent game

pLaw responds:

Wow, thanks! I Really appreciate this :)


Nice concept and amazing artwork = 10/10.
I found all secrets and now I can do the polka all way long by pressing "D", hehe.

molkman responds:

It's a moonwalk, silly you.

major mistake

If you write stuff about action script, you should make sure to type in a dynamic textfield so anyone can easily copy the lines.

raider00321 responds:

yeah.. i done it for a reason. if people just copy and paste, they dont learn as much as they could.

and an idea of a tutorial is to learn :P


This is even better than "swept to the end"! Awesome graphics, slick animations and fantastic music. The only thing that botheres me is the fact you can´t save- a quite simple password system would do the job. The end was a bit confusing- will there be a second part? And why the hell are all folks already in the dungeon (king etc.), awaiting the arrival of the hero?
Keep making such games, I love them :3

SeethingSwarm responds:

Hey! I was hoping you might leave a review :)
Do you mean like the password system you used in Mashhouse? That's a good idea. Oh and this game was made with the possibility of there being a sequel. I dont know if I will focus on other projects first, but Im planning on making one.

I thought the king and everybody else explained the situation in the end quite clearly, sorry :( Well Lord Felkon basically sent a messenger to Stormguard saying that Lord Felkon rescued the princess and the king came here etc. They did not await the arrival of the guard. The guard interrupted a wedding ceremony taking place, but too late. Something fishy is going on. It looks like Lord Felkon might have put a spell on the princess :)

Thanks for the review! Much appreciated!

Not bad, but no real improvement.

The concept is the same like in "free-rider I", which is good. But there isn´t too much new so you could really call it "free rider 2", I would rather call it "freerider 1.5". And I hate the fact you don´t have a free-hand tool...and no music at all.

FreeRiderPete responds:

It has a totally different Physics-engine than Free Rider (1), so i think it's kind of different, but if you say so.....
Yeah, about the music, i'll add that in later versions, maybe.

Not as good as it could be

I don´t know what to think of this game.. In the one hand, the quality of the music and the graphics are superb, on the other hand the game itself isn´t that much fun.
I mean, running ca 2 minutes through an army of clones without any sense isn´t that enjoyable. You should have used your incredible action-script knowledge (shown in the preloader) to create a more challenging and enjoyable game..
However the game is still good.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

Any comments on the other 4 games?

Not very original

I really liked "winterbells" by ferry halim but this seems to be just a bad copy. The physic wasn´t very good and you should work on the interface, too. The music and sound effects were brutal to my ear and made me quit your game at last- if you want to import music with good quality in flash, you should first convert it into mp3 and then choose "properties" in the library of flash and set it to to ca 100 kBits.
One last hint: Let other people test your flash first, before submitting it.

TheGameHomepage responds:

lol thx but that is how the world actually looks and sounds to a squirrel. Infact, I had to tone it down!

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