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I really liked the game, but it is certainly the 10th time I played one of those "biker" games which all are based upon a physics-engine which you can find in every blasted flashforum.
Make something unique the next time.


Mmm... Another Pong game. In grey. I don´t think the world neither needs nor wants more and more pong games, which are exact copies of the original, except for example the colours.
Pong isn´t really hard to script, so what´s the point of all the pong games?

not really a new game

well, of course the style and the gameplay of the boxhead games is brilliant, but the series doesn´t seem to enhance that much. I mean, the only new thing is the 2-player mode and some "exclusive" maps. You could also have updated the old BoxHead game instead of posting a "new" game.

Not very original

I really liked "winterbells" by ferry halim but this seems to be just a bad copy. The physic wasn´t very good and you should work on the interface, too. The music and sound effects were brutal to my ear and made me quit your game at last- if you want to import music with good quality in flash, you should first convert it into mp3 and then choose "properties" in the library of flash and set it to to ca 100 kBits.
One last hint: Let other people test your flash first, before submitting it.

TheGameHomepage responds:

lol thx but that is how the world actually looks and sounds to a squirrel. Infact, I had to tone it down!

Hey, that was good!

The first thing I thought when I read your description of the game was like "oh-no-not-another-crappy-game ". But when I started playing I was surprised in a good way. The style is very nice, the characters are funny and the sound is kind of OK.
But you should definetely work on the controls and the game itself, because it is really unfair and too short.

Not bad, but needs some improvement

I also played zombie hord 2 and I have to say that part 3 is defenitely better- but why didn´t you improve the graphics? I mean, after the release of the second part some people already sayed that, but the animations and graphics in part 3 are almost the same like in part 2.
Also the buildings arent very detailed, they almost look like kind of pink cake. Work on the graphics and your games will maybe become a classic one day! (If you need someone who can draw better than you, just ask in the forum, I´m sure that you will get many replies!)

cool game

I liked the game, but it still has some bugs. I think GODS II will
be much better- When are you finished??

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