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exotworking's News

Posted by exotworking - July 5th, 2011

Rumors are true, Lucky Tower 2 will have tons of dialoge and different characters!
So we (molkman and myself) are in need of some additional voices, for our buddy Dragamex (who hopefully is still alive) can´t handle them all.

If you liked Lucky Tower and want to do voices for the second part, just drop a PM!
You won´t regret it :3

In other news, this is a picture from our upcoming game that´ll be released this month.
Da Vinci on a skycycle, escaping from a bloodthirsty dragon - need I say more?

Lucky Tower 2 needs you! (Unless you have a purple moustache)

Posted by exotworking - February 1st, 2011

I just finished my latest opus, a film of 7 minutes length entitled "Hyperborea".
I build it around my interpretation of a song by Sol Invictus called "Tooth and Claw".
Watch it here:


Without the song, I wouldn´t have made the film.

The importance of music in films

Posted by exotworking - October 26th, 2010

I love games with characters the player cares for and a storyline (or at least a plot) that keeps you playing because you want to know how things evolve. That seems to be missing these days, so I decided to make a more story-based game together with molkman and dragamex.

Lucky Tower.

Of course the storytelling of Lucky Tower is not very sophisticated, but you should get the point when playing the game. The game is not very challenging - the player should rather continue with the story than dismiss the game because of it´s difficulty.
Games shouldn´t be all about challenge.
I recently played "Fahrenheit" and "Vampires: Redemption" and I hated the way those games made up crude challenges instead of providing a constant flow of the storyline. I actually cheated all the way through "Vampires" to experience the story and the aesthetics of the game, instead of really "playing" it. In fact, I mostly use cheats in games to overcome the challenge of playing and to enjoy other aspects of the game instead.
Now I´m going to focus on flash movies for a while, below you can see a screenshot of my upcoming movie "Hyperborea" which is going to be over 6 minutes long.

And don´t forget to play LUCKY TOWER!

More games with storylines!

Posted by exotworking - August 24th, 2010

Hey there handsome people!
There is a new game in town: Lucky Tower! We need superintelligent gene-boosted creatures to test it out hard. Hit me up with a delicious PM or just write a comment on this very page. You won´t regret it!
The game features programming by molkman, voice acting by dragamex and art by me.

Lucky Tower :3

Posted by exotworking - May 14th, 2010

So, it looks like I´ve been working at an animation studio folks!
This is one of our works, a big morphing orgasm called Love & Theft:

/* */
I only did some colouring and compositing (in Animo and AfterEffects), but I think the movie is pretty awesome.
It´s all 100% handdrawn animation (!), no tweens have been used (except for some colour tweenings).
Please vote it up on Youtube so we can own the Cannes Online Competition!

Help us kick major butt at Cannes!

Posted by exotworking - August 28th, 2008

hey folks!
Below you can see a pic of various characters that will be featured in my new movie. The title of this opus will be *blerque*. Shocking, huh? ^^
The yellow guy on the right is the main protagonist.

blablabla yagayagayaga

Posted by exotworking - November 5th, 2007

Well, we had holidays here in germany and I used the time to work hard on my current flash game called "MASHHOUSE" (or mashhouse, I´m not sure about the spelling). It´s a juicy sidescroller where you play a slave who has to escape from a dungeon, covered with mean traps. I have already finished 11 levels, plus a fancy intro, so I guess It will be done in at least two weeks javascript:MakeSmileySelection(1);
The picture below is a screenshot where you can see the protagonist and...ehrm..the protagonist, yeah^^

New game on the way!