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Best movie ever

Definitely a must-see. Extremely disgusting+funny.

Love your stuff

Hehe, I always enjoy watching your movies. They are unpredictable.

Excellent as always

Wow, that was awesome! I love the facial expression of the kid as the door creaks, hehe.


Nice story I have to admit. But the best part was the end.. I am a ninja! Oo
The animations/style/art etc. were not the greates but that didn´t matter at all. This film is the ultimate proof that a good script is the backbone of a good movie.
Well, keep up the good stuff.


Hehe, that´s a really cunning joke.

Doesn´t work properly

With this review I am not judging the quality of flash. But it just won´t work!
I tried to watch it several times, but there is just your logo in an instant loop. Some other people had this issue before, too. Maybe it´s just a few people with this problem but it´s really annoying.

Well, wow..

Brilliant animation, backgrounds and stuff. But the movie doesn´t really feel like a flash film. I don´t know if I could call that a Minus, though. It just lacks the feeling of watching something "raw". It´s more like watching a trailer for a great Anime movie a big studio is working on (Is that true :3)? Well, I´m not sure how to rate this, but thinking of the giant effort put into this piece and the beautiful art I will give you a 9.


Whoa, this movie is almost perfect... Surreal randomness combinded with dark comedy. You are the man :3


Hey, that´s a really catchy tune! The only thing that botheres me is the huge filesize, but I guess the quality of the movie is worth the wait.

Not my piece of cake

Mmm.. this is supposed to be kind of an intellectual toon I guess, with a great and subtle meaning behind it. But in fact it´s really lowbrow.
The music was pathetic, the characters flater than a sheet of paper that has been crossed by a roll. This cartoon doesn´t realy work in the way it is meant to work. So you wanted to create a movie where the viewer has to interpret to find the hidden meaning, huh? You failed. At all this film is not more than a decently animated "supposed-to-be-movie" that takes itself much to serious. A cartoon that is made to look intellectual missed the whole point of itself. Watch the movies by david firth or Kol-belov, and you will get my point.

Bewegung entsteht durch Haltung

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