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I love your work, but I don't like the direction your recent stuff is taking.

The first issue I have with Cream is the content. You have done the Dystopian-TV-Show-Shtick much better in the past. The idea of an all-fixing cream-like substance is so dystopian and horrific in itself, that the whole part from 07:00 on feels like an intellectual fallacy. All philosophical questions are suddenly wiped away by run-off-the-mill corporate critique, as subtle as a rusty nail to the eye. You wouldn't have needed this part to show the dark side of the cream. Actually, the bathing scene already gives quite the strong argument against it - the annihilation of individualism through perfectionism. Sadly, this is hardly the focus of the film - and to be honest, even if it was, it's still a pretty old idea. Your best films live from philosophical discussion on a rather personal and relatable level, with individual characters instead of random people on a news show.

The second issue I have with Cream is the visual aspect. While a similar style felt fresh and unexpected in Sock 5, you have now enhanced it to the point where there's no reason left for the film being an actual animation and not live-action. Perfectionism is normally a good thing, but like every virtue it can turn into a sin. Especially on the internet, an overly polished style can detract from the actual content. The minimal approach of your early shit was so powerful and mighty, but there's nothing left of that here, as it has been, ironically enough, "creamed away".

To make this whole review end on a more positive note, I want to make clear that I admire your work ethic and your attempts to refresh your style. But, as you surely know yourself, a film doesn't necessarily get better with the amount of work put into it or by looking more slick and "professional". You have proven this yourself.

Your animations are constantly getting better. I now feel the need to rewatch the other parts to understand what was going on, haha. Looking forward for more :§

I really like this series. It truly sends out the jolly vibes.

That was pretty damn good, one of the best collabs I've seen on NG. Count me in for the next one @u@

It's alright, but I expected a bit too much after your immortal masterpiece "Eternal Saturday". This film was a bit too short to have a lasting impact on my soul. Well, hope to see more from you Mr. Mushroomboy!

I've watched this animation a zillion times and I still love it. It's simply perfect.

Haha, Rob Schneider sure is one tragic character.


The ending was not what I hoped to see. Instead of choosing a "Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy" ending, it could have been very grim and thoughtprovoking.

Not your best

Technically it was what I exspected it to be (meaning: top-notch!), but the whole concept didn´t work for me. It all seemed pretty random and the ending could have been so much better! You can create beautiful animations and art, but what was the whole point of the movie? Don´t get me wrong, you are definitely one of the internets best animators, but my exspectations were immensly high and now I´m disappointed :(

What´s the point?

A technically well made film with nothing to laugh/wonder//feel about. Educational films for the sake of eductation are boring as hell.

Bewegung entsteht durch Haltung

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